Our landing software has been in use since 2004.  Our first client, Fisherman’s Landing (San Diego, CA) has been using the software since it’s inception.   We built the software to first allow easy administration of fishings trips, anglers and payments.  The software allows users to manage the fishing trips on a daily basis.  It replaces you old paper system with a computer program.  If you need to you can move anglers from one to trip to another.  We even have a feature to email all anglers on a trip with just a few clicks.  The software has worked so well we have become the primary source for fishing landings on the West Coast of America.  The online booking feature allows for reservations to funnel into your software 24 hours a day.  We recently added a Point of Sale to our offerings.  Now all your prepaid online orders and your walk-up orders are entered into the software.  This allows for simple one click to generate you daily trip sheet.  This new functionality is fabulous for large fishing landings with lots of fishing boats.


Customers:  Fisherman’s Landing, Seaforth Sportfishing, Point Loma Sportfishing, Oceanside Sea Center, Long Beach Sportfishing, 22nd Street Sportfishing, Redondo Sportfishing, Channel Islands Sportfishing, Ventura Sportfishing, Patriot Sportfishing, Morro Bay Landing, Half Moon Bay Sportfishing and Fish Emeryville.